In the Beginning

In the year 2000 two Innkeepers; Gerry Muza of the Kilmorey Lodge, Waterton and Garth Griffiths of the Overlander Mountain Lodge, Jasper identified an opportunity for small innkeepers of Alberta. That opportunity was to form a member group of privately owned and operated small inns in the province to leverage partnership and cooperative marketing initiatives. Eleven years later, the Charming Inns of Alberta features twelve members and a strong partnership with Travel Alberta.

Our Core Values

Each Charming Inn feels that the following core values are truly important to our membership group. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our group’s culture.

  • Satisfying and delighting our guests
  • Offer meaningful value to our guests through quality accommodations
  • Delivering personally attentive service and a home away from home experience
  • Behave as stewards of our communities and our natural environment

Membership with a Purpose

The primary purpose of the Charming Inns is to provide member properties with marketing support, resources, affiliate partnership opportunities and fellowship.

Membership Criteria

  • Should be an accommodation property of 5 to 50 rooms, ideally open 365 days a year
  • Should have a Canada Select three star or CAA three diamond rating or comparable / higher standard
  • Provides personalized service
  • Distinctive style and interior décor (Charming or unique nature)
  • Innkeepers / Operators who are present at the property, who share Charming Inns core values
  • Partial or full food and beverage service
  • Meets administrative requirements, e.g., submission of photographs and text
  • Must carry adequate liability insurance
  • Must meet additional standards as may be determined by the Board of Directors from time to time

To be considered for membership in the Charming Inns of Alberta, a property must apply and receive at least 75% approval from all Members in good standing (100%, if some membership criteria are not met, but the existing members unanimously agree that accepting such property benefits the group, and the overall standard, quality of service, and appeal of that property meets the objectives of the group).

Should an application be presented to the Charming Inns of Alberta that is within the same town/vicinity as an existing property that member property has first right to refuse the application, but will need to communicate/substantiate valid reasons for refusal/concern to the rest of the membership. **

Interested in membership? Please email [email protected]