Canoeing in Jasper
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Jasper and Jasper National Park

Visitors to Jasper enjoy wildlife and nature untouched, unspoiled.

The Rampart Mountains in Jasper National Park
The Rampart Mountains in Jasper National Park
Canoeing in Jasper
Canoeing in Jasper

Top Attractions

Athabasca Glacier

Columbia Icefields and the Athabasca Glacier

The Columbia Icefield is the largest icefield in the Canadian Rockies, covering some 230 sq km (89 sq mi) to a depth of 365 m (1,200 ft) and some 28 km (17 mi) long. Draped over the continental divide on a high alpine plateau along the Alberta-BC border, it receives an average of 7 m (23 ft) of new snowfall per year.

Canoeing in Jasper

Jasper National Park

Child on Jasper Tramway Tour

Jasper SkyTram

The Jasper Skytram is the highest and longest aerial tramway located in Canada. It was built in 1964 and goes to a height of 2,277 metres above sea level. It is 6 kilometres from Jasper, Alberta, and crests The Whistlers Mountain.

Maligne Canyon Icewalk 3 Medium

Maligne Canyon & Lake Area

Maligne Canyon is a slot canyon located in the Jasper National Park near Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Eroded out of the Palliser Formation, the canyon measures over 50 metres deep. Popular for sightseeing and exploration, the area contains waterfalls, that are stunning to explore in the winter season.